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          Yingkou Jinhe Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.


          Contact: Manager Zhang


          Contact number: 18624565588


          Phone: 0417-6839995


          Website: www.quca4.com


          Email: admin@ykjhef.com


          Address: Tuanshan Office, Gaizhou City, Liaoning Province

          關于我們 about us

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          Yingkou Jinhe Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd was founded in 2009, our factory is located in Tuanshan office,Gaizhou city. The transportation is very convenient,our work-site next to Gaizhou High-speed train station and Shenda high-way.and east from Changda railway and Hada highway,north from Yingkou international airport.the total floor erea is about 46620m2,and total covered erea is 19491m2.

          We have about 170 employees in total, and including 30 professional technicians. We have about 140 set production equipment and 20 more set inspection facilities, our total annual output value is about 60 million RMB. Our factory have passed through quality management system certificate of GJB9001B-2009 and ISO9001:2008.we have long-term cooperation with native major GIS manufacturers, and have exported directly to buyers in USA, Sweden,Czech republic,Russia, Korea,etc countries and region.

          Our company are equipped with advanced casting and machining facilities and with high technology of process, We are high-new technical company, specialized in the special type aluminum alloy casting manufacture with characteristics of high strength, high air tightness, and high compression resistance. 

           Our company have a top-class equipment for casting, heat-treatment, machining, and quality inspection facilities, Including: large scale low pressure casting equipment for steel molds, large scale heat treatment furnace for aluminum alloy, large scale CNC boring machine, machining process equipment, spectrum analyzer and X-RAY fault detector imported from GERMANY, and so on testing equipment. We also have a resin sand production line which is advanced in native and worldwide.

          Our main products include large size/medium size/small size aluminum alloy castings,such as flange, tanks, cases and support parts also some special type aluminum alloy castings with complex shape ,high request for hardness and strength, mechanical capacity, high air tightness. among these products, high strength compression resistance Al-alloy tanks are our leading products, are welcomed and widely used by some famous manufacturers of large power transmission and transformation equipment, including: ABB, HYUNDAI HEAVY INDUSTRIES, New North-east Electric Group High Voltage Switch gear Co.,Ltd.(NHVS),CNBK ELECTRIC GPOUPCO.,LTD.,Xi'an XD Switch gear Electric Co.,Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as SHIKY), etc.

          In recent years,through development with  technology research, we have gained a ground-breaking improvement on non-ferrous metal casting capacity. our  tanks used for GIS equipment produced by low pressure casting technology, have all reached  the request of  ABB HAG93007 “ELK1/2/3 TYPE SF6 SWITCH PARTS INSPECTION SPECIFICATION SHEET” through bursting test.

          At present,we are striving to develop production of new energy automobile related supporting products,by keeping study constantly,we have improved casting process and resolve many technical problems, now we are able to produce various kinds of high-quality electronic motor shell and other accessories.



          The company adopts domestic advanced casting technology and mechanical processing equipment and technology.